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Our Business

CIFC offers various U.S. and global credit investment alternatives designed to deliver consistently attractive risk adjusted returns to our clients.
Focus on capital preservation and current income
Fundamentals based research supplemented by relative value and event driven trading opportunities
Access to diverse and unique investment opportunities

CIFC Credit Platform

Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs)
$29.2 billion

49 U.S. CLOs currently managed

5 Euro CLOs currently managed

4th Largest U.S. CLO manager by total outstanding size

7th Largest Global CLO manager by issuance

5th Largest Global CLO outstanding by Size

Loan Opportunity Strategy

Corporate Credit
$5.2 billion

Senior Secured Corporate Loan Strategy

Long/Short Credit Strategies

U.S. and Global Corporate Credit Strategy

Structured Credit
$1.8 billion

Investment Grade CLO Strategy

CLO Opportunity Strategy

Global Floating Rate Credit Strategy

Opportunistic Credit
$0.8 billion*

Event-Driven Opportunities Strategy

Strategic Credit Strategies

Direct Lending
$3.6 billion

Middle Market Direct Lending Strategy

Data as of January 31, 2023. AUM figures are estimates, include committed capital and subject to change without notice.
*The Event-Driven Opportunities Strategy includes an opportunistic co-investment mandate targeting $500 million, which is not included in the overall Firm AUM.