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CIFC Diversity & Inclusion

CIFC Asset Management is committed to increasing diversity across the firm, and to ensuring an inclusive workplace environment that enables all employees to achieve their full potential. We recognize that diversity of backgrounds (be it gender, ethnicity, experience, or other) contributes to diversity of thought and a deeper understanding of the world and of the countries and companies in which we invest. We believe this leads to better insight, increased creativity, more informed risk-taking and decision making, and results in better business and investment results for our clients and stakeholders.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Committee, which is led by senior leadership of the firm, is focused on advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Our mission is to increase awareness and establish strategies and operating plans that incorporate business alignment, leadership accountability and measured success in the following areas:

  • Cultivate relationships with diversity-oriented organizations to materially impact recruiting pipelines
  • Partner with the firm’s business leaders to implement best practices that support diversity in interviewing and hiring methods, as well as retention and advancement
  • Foster a culture of inclusion that embraces all forms of diversity, including but not limited to ethnicity/background, gender identity, sexual orientation, and thought
  • Identify key retention levers to provide support to diverse team members