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2021, Best new European CLO

Creditflux 2021, Best new European CLO

Creditflux 2021 Best new European CLO: The Creditflux Manager Awards 2021 brought together CLO managers, credit fund and direct lending managers to recognize those with a track record of delivering high returns while minimizing risk and prioritizing collateral quality. This year, the judges considered over 1,100 CLO submissions from 87 entrants across 19 categories. CLOs were judged entirely on objective and measurable performance metrics, including par build, portfolio quality, and historical distributions to equity investors, as stated in trustee reports. Specifically, for any “New CLO,” the criteria was defined as CLOs that went effective after March 31, 2020. The full list of finalists as well as additional methodology is available upon request. For additional information on Creditflux, please refer to: